Trente en France

30(05) is making slow progress through France! The last data update on Sunday showed that she had spent some time relaxing at a French chateau, and was taking it easy after battling through some bad weather. We have discovered that the chateau she stopped at was Le Chateau de la Roche Courbon, built in the 17th century and restored, it has beautiful gardens and an ornamental lake and is now open to the public all year round. A perfect place for 30 to stop and rest on her journey!


She roosted four miles from this chateau on the evening of 25th, and the following day travelled north a further 84 miles. We have only received data up until the evening of 26th March, and from that location 30 has another 189 miles to go to reach the north coast of France.

Roost 26th March

Far to go

30(05) is making slower progress on this year’s migration. This time last year, she had already been in Rutland for two days! She might be back in a day or two – we should receive new data again soon, and we will keep you informed of 30’s progress as she nears home. Don’t forget you can follow her on our interactive map by clicking here.




2 responses to “Trente en France”

  1. Alice Dovell

    Thankyou Kayleigh. What better place to stop and rest! Is she making slower progress because of bad weather? Hope she arrives safe, sound and well 🙂

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      Yes we believe she is being held up by bad wind.