Tri hard or go home!

Many of you may remember the fantastic volunteer Roger ‘the Rabbit’ Keightley who took on the monumental challenge of the Dambuster traithlon and was good enough to suffer and sweat and train hard for it, in the name of the Rutland Osprey Project.

Through months of training, conditioning, eating right and pacing himself, Roger and I swapped notes as he got closer to the event, and his enthusiasm for the race was evident. I looked forward each week to finding out how many miles he’d put in on the bike, how the swims were going, and how far he’d gone on the treadmill. It was as if we were all doing the race with him!

The weekend before the race is always the time when most of us experience doubt, feel twinges or aches that haven’t been there before, and even start tp question why we’re doing the race at all! I’ve experienced this last minute jitters myself and I could tell Roger was worried about these unexplained aches and creeping twinges that hadn’t been there before. But with a little encouragement and advice from some fellow runners in the office and volunteers, he resolved to gently ease himself into the last week and not give in too much to rest!

On the big day, Roger turned up in a massive way, completing his first triathlon in 3 hours and 35mins, which made him 2nd in his age group. He raised 101% of his fundraising target: a whopping £759! I am so proud of everything he has done and everyone at the Osprey team is in awe of his determination, enthusiasm and enthusiasm for not only a very physically demanding event, but for a cause he is passionate about. It shows anything is possible with enough training and the mindset to go with it. It is a reminder that we can all achieve things we never thought possible, and be rewarded for our efforts with drastic changes to our physical ability, mental strength and general health and wellbeing.

Mixed messages I felt were being given by the prize Roger received for all his hard training nutritionally: a bottle of wine! Although I suppose he’s earned it after all. Don’t drink it all at once!

Huge thank you to everyone who has supported Roger, and of course from everyone involved with the Osprey project, we say a huge congratulations and thank you for Roger’s kind fundraising for our project, it will make such a difference! Now, where are my running shoes… I’ve got race envy!

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  1. kevin hurl

    Well done Roger.