Two heads are better than one

Yesterday saw possibly our best osprey cruise to date this season take place, with 11 different sightings of ospreys (and at least 4 individual birds)! Information Officer Paul Stammers, who was leading the cruise, reported that for the brief periods there weren’t ospreys in the vicinity, there were barn owls to watch instead! All in all a brilliant wildlife cruise for all aboard the Rutland Belle. Our next cruise with availability is Wednesday 26th July – for more information on cruises or to book your place, click here.

33 seen from the boat

33 overhead on a recent cruise!

Here in the bay our osprey chicks are getting bolder, and beginning to fly slightly further afield – visitors to Lyndon are getting brilliant views of the chicks flying around the bay from Waderscrape hide. They have been really well fed over recent days, with 33 bringing plenty of fish to the nest and the chicks polishing them off pretty quickly. 33 is no longer the only provider though, as on Friday night Maya brought her first fish of the season back to the nest too! It was a small pike, most likely caught from Manton Bay. 2AM gratefully took the pike from Maya and even managed to keep hold of it when 2AN tried to take it off him – he was likely hungry after earlier watching 2AN polish off most of a trout, leaving him with just the tail for dinner!

Just before 9.30pm, 33 brought a large roach to the nest which both chicks got a good share of, filling them up for what was left of the day.

Yesterday morning 33 brought a roach to the nest.

Not long after, we discovered perhaps the only thing that could stop 2AN digging into a fresh meal – an intruder overhead! 33 returned to mantle on the nest and 2AN was temporarily put off her breakfast.

Once the intruder had left, 2AN continued to eat for a bit before flying off, leaving some fish on the nest. When Maya came to eat her share a bit later, it seemed as though 2AN had pushed the remaining fish under some sticks before she left, maybe hiding it from the rest of the family! Maya quickly dug it out though.

2AN’s funny feeding antics continued today when we saw her with both talons on a trout trying to balance as she ate.

Finally here is a shot of 2AN and 2AM on the nest yesterday doing their best impression of a 2-headed osprey – not a bad attempt!
2 heads

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  1. Valerie Smith

    Great pictures, well done to the team who put then together