Two on the nest once more

We are delighted to report some happier news today – we arrived at the centre this morning to chick number 3! It’s not clear exactly when the chick hatched, as 33 has recently added a few sticks to the front of the nest, but we got some great views of it at around 5.50am. Here it is a bit later, being fed by Maya.

2 chicks!

2 chicks!

Shortly before this, at around 5am, Maya removes the deceased chick from the nest – it’s a little upsetting to watch. Whilst it’s easy to attribute our ospreys with human emotions, in truth we don’t really know what is going through Maya’s head at the time of removal. Without a mouth gaping up at her, its possible she doesn’t even recognise it as her chick anymore – we can only speculate!

We are happy to report that our 2 chicks are looking healthy and well, and have both been seen feeding today. When he isn’t busy building up the front of the nest with sticks, 33 is bringing in fish like clockwork!

The current height of the nest makes it very tricky to spot the third egg, but we are hoping it will hatch in a couple of days time.
What a rollercoaster of a week so far – and it’s only Tuesday!

4 responses to “Two on the nest once more”

  1. Cirrus

    Thankfully read both chicks doing well – just want all to go well now and the next egg (can’t cope with numbers) to hatch on time and see all three grow large .

  2. Gill Jeffery & Peter Austin

    The past few days have not been easy ones to report. We want to congratulate the team,and most especially Holly, on the straightforward and direct manner in which you’ve reported the unfortunate events surrounding the loss of the hatchling.

  3. Dorothy Martin

    Thanks for doing such a great job keeping us all up to date with news from the nest. I’d never have thought it could be so fascinating! Now I’m hooked and spending far too much time watching osprey tv.

  4. Bill Hunt

    I have watched Maya raise chicks since 2013, I am still amazed at how gently she feeds the tiny babies….what a sight! Thank you for the video clips I love watching live but sometimes can’t view at the right times so the blogs are invaluable….