Unusual nest lining!

It’s been a fantastic Easter weekend at Lyndon. Incubation has continued with little or no drama (unlike at Site B) and 5R has caught numerous fish in Manton Bay, including at least three Pike after dives direct from one of the t perches. It’s made for great viewing from Waderscrape and Shallow Water hides.

5R has also continued to add the occasional peice of lining to the nest, but on Thursday he got more than he bargained for when he picked up what he must have thought was just a clump of grass. Peter Hill, who was on duty, takes up the story.

“5R on one of his afternoon forays away from the nest could be seen
flying back and forth over the tree-line opposite Waderscrape hide. He
briefly dropped out of vision only to re-appear with something black in
his talons and an irate Red Kite in hot pursuit! As he approached the
nest, the Kite gave up the chase and 5R dropped his gift into the nest
before settling on the Y-perch. His mate was NOT impressed. We contacted
Lyndon Centre for confirmation of what the black gift was, and were
surprised to be told that it was a dead crow. 5R’s mate stepped out of
the nest and appeared disinclined to go back onto the eggs. Eventually
she flew over to 5R and had words with him. As a result 5R returned to
the nest, took the crow and dropped it into the water.  Normal service
was then resumed,  though  the Red Kite would seem to have lost his lunch!”