Unusual Visitor

 It was an interesting weekend down at Manton Bay, with freezing temperatures and a very unusual visitor. Information Officer Paul Stammers was brought to the attention of this  visitor by a thump on the side door of the visitor centre, when he went to investigate he found a sparrowhawk! 

Luckily the bird was unharmed and after been bough inside for a rest and a warm up it was released as good as new, back to being the top predator of the bird feeder. Birds flying into glass is a common occurrence, to prevent this happening you can place something in the window, like a sticker or a blind. This will make the window pane more obvious to birds, allowing them to avoid collisions.  


Manton Bay 

It was extremely cold for the pair in the bay this weekend and please spare a thought for our amazing volunteers who were sat in our waderscrape hide watching the ospreys and helping any adventurous visitors who managed to make it that far! 

Despite the cold and wind both the Maya and 33(11) were busy, fishing and nest building all weekend. Hopefully the weather will warm up before they decide to lay any eggs. 

Nest scraping

In the Snow!


Here is the pair soaking up the sun before the next storm. 


Rutland ospreys 

30 our tracked osprey has the right idea, she’s staying warm in Western Africa. Our latest update shows she has made her way back into Mauritania, she should be reaching Morocco any day now!  

Unlike 30 some of the ospreys have been a lot quicker and are enjoying the freezing temperatures in Rutland. We now have a total of six birds back, some of which have already been spotted fishing at the local fish farm. 

It wasn’t just an exciting weekend for ospreys but also our osprey ambassadors check out the education teams blog here