Up to his usual twigs

Over the last few days Maya and 33 have been role-model parents to their brood of four. During daylight hours Maya has been consistently feeding the chicks by tearing off morsels of fish that the little ones are able to swallow.

33 has increased his number of daily fishing trips, offering a colourful variety of fish including roach, perch and something looking like it was from a garden heist!

There is already a visible size difference between the first and last hatched chick as demonstrated in a Sound of Music fashion below .

The first two chicks seem to be fed more frequently however Maya is consciously moving around the nest or leaning in to feed the smallest (most recently hatched) chick.

One of the larger sized chicks is already strong enough to leave the nest cup!

Today 33 has been conscious coupling, and looked as if he was helping Maya share the feeding duties!

However, having four demanding chicks has not swayed 33’s from his first love…

It is still quite rare to see ospreys raise four strong chicks ready for migration by early September but so far so good, these two parents are something special.

4 responses to “Up to his usual twigs”

  1. Julie Childs

    Thanks Katy- a lovely update and selection of webcam clips. It would be wonderful to see all four chicks fledge; it seems these amazing parents are giving them all the best chance possible!

  2. Gillian Jeffery

    thankyou Katy for the video clips, it is so nice to be able to catch up with the going on at Manton Bay when I get in from work. I especially liked the sound of music clip and of course 33 and his passion for sticks.

    Lets keep our fingers crossed, it would beamazing if they can fledge 4

  3. Lesley Clifford

    To all those involved, I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying watching the footage from your webcam! What amazing birds and fabulous parents they are. Such a privilege to be able to view this remarkable footage, so thank you and keep up with the incredibly valuable work that you are all doing!

  4. Bill Hunt

    All going so well…33 is a top provider for his family! The chicks are growing stronger every day and it’s a joy to watch Maya tenderly feeding them. Thank you for the blogs it’s a great way to catch up when I can’t watch them live.