Update on 09

Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed asking for an update on 09 following his return to Rutland on 28th March. As we hoped, he has paired up with 5N(04) and they are now settled at Site N – a nest on private land away from the reservoir. Despite the fact that he has been returning to Rutland every summer since 2000, 09 has never bred. However, now that he has paired up with an experienced breeding female – 5N has raised a total of six chicks since first breeding with 08(97) in 2007 – it seems likely that at long last, this will be his year. We’re certainly all keeping our fingers crossed for him.

Since his return to Rutland this spring, 09’s satellite transmitter has been giving us a fascinating insight into his fishing habits. Although he favours the reservoir for fishing, he has also visited numerous smaller ponds and lakes in the area, particularly when weather conditions have made fishing in Rutland Water more difficult. Interestingly though, he rarely visits the same site on successive trips. Over his lifetime 09 has evidently built up a comprehensive knowledge of different ponds and lakes in the area and over the course of several days, he visits most of them. This kind of information really does demonstrate the value of satellite tracking and will help us advise people throughout England on the likely impact of Ospreys as they spread through Southern Britain. By visiting numeous different sites, Ospreys are much less-likely to have an impact on fish stocks in the way that other fish-eating species sometimes do.

We’ll continue to update you on 09’s progress, including his fishing habits, through the summer.


2 responses to “Update on 09”

  1. Sally Bell

    Great news. Lets hope all runs smoothly at Site N this year.

  2. Paul Woodham

    All very fascinating and bettering our understanding of the Osprey – what a journey back up that was look forward to the next instalment