Ospreys and Us

Ospreys and Us  by Pete Murray Rutland Osprey Project    (Education team)

The fact you are reading this makes you an important part of the Rutland Osprey community. Many use the website to keep up with the latest news through the Blog or the live Webcam, others visit the Lyndon Reserve to see the ospreys Maya and 33 on their nest in Manton Bay. Showing an interest and telling others about what is happening adds to the work done by the staff and huge number of volunteers here on the nature reserve at the Rutland Water Osprey Project! It is all these people who are a part this conservation initiative, now in its 21st year, who have made it such a success and will ensure its future.

Engaging the interest and enthusiasm of young people, particularly primary school children, is a very important part of the project. We see many families visiting the reserve, who bring their children and their friends to see the ospreys. There are many more, perhaps too far away to visit, who follow the latest news via the website.


There are also teachers who make the Rutland Ospreys part of their lessons and get their classes or even the whole schools involved in osprey based activities as part of the school curriculum. We have over 300 schools registered on our website to use free the education materials and they also receive our monthly schools e-newsletter.


We now have children in local schools who have become “Osprey Ambassadors”, taking the latest osprey news back to their school from Ambassadors Osprey Club each month.

So why is all this so important? It is the youngsters who are really the future of the Rutland Osprey project and it is great to see them grow up and take their interest in the Rutland Osprey project story with them to secondary school, college or university.

So, please inspire children you know with the Rutland Ospreys. It is these youngsters who will be the naturalists or conservationists of the future and in turn may in turn play an important part in projects like this one!

Want to do more- take a look below….

Making Movies – “Ospreys and Us” – Entries due in by 26th May

Time is short for individuals or groups of children to make and send us their short movie inspired by ospreys. There are separate primary and secondary school movie award categories.

Movies should be sent to us by Friday 26th May 2017.For more information about making and submitting your movie look in the Education section at by clicking here!

Winners will be invited to a world movie premiere, Ozzie’s “Ozcar” Awards on Wednesday 5th July held here at Rutland Water!


Osprey Books – for children of all ages

Our readers and work books are all available at Lyndon Reserve. These form an important part of our school and reserve activities.

Take a look at our books page here!

OSPREY EXPERT JPEG (2)Ozzie's Migration Ozzie's Return Ozzie leads the way