Video killed the radio star

It’s so utterly brilliant to have the Ospreys back, I just can’t stop recording! There were a lot of videos from yesterday, so here are a few more!

Maya scraping:

Maya chasing 30(05) off the nest:

33 bringing in a stick:

Maya trying to move the big stick:

And some more screen-shots:

Looks like a kiss to me

Domestic bliss

33's stick

33’s stick

Eating a fish on the T-perch

Eating a fish on the T-perch



3 responses to “Video killed the radio star”

  1. Sheila FE

    A lovely set of memories for the start of the season! Thank you Kayleigh

  2. Suzie

    Keep on Running … Kayleigh xxx

  3. Bill Hunt

    Keep up the good work Kayliegh. Great to see you at Lyndon today. All that enthusiasm for those beautiful birds . Can’t wait to see the results of all the building and bonding. The happy couple seem to know exactly what they need to do!!