Waiting for the rain

What a wonderful weekend it has been. Birdfair was a great success – we certainly enjoyed it on the Osprey Stand! It was fantastic to meet so many different people, from so many different places! The atmosphere was one of busy excitement and gracious hospitality. We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to everyone who supported the Osprey Project over the weekend by volunteering on our stand, in the Lyndon Centre or in Waderscrape hide. You all did a superb job and made the weekend run smoothly and efficiently. Thanks also to everyone who visited us on our stand, and bought books, made monetary donations or donated football kits to our cause in Africa. It was great to meet you all!

Today has been fairly quiet in comparison to the hustle and bustle of the weekend. However, it was still a busy day at Lyndon, and the still-present Ospreys have been drawing in the crowds once again! S1 has been on the nest most of the day, begging for food and being generally lazy. It’s been great having him there though, as it’s not often these days we have any Ospreys on the nest for prolonged periods!

Look at him here in the sunrise this morning, what a beautiful scene.

S1 on the nest (1)

Later in the day, the weather turned, and we had a great deal of rain! In these pictures you can see the dramatic skies providing an atmospheric backdrop to the Osprey nest.

S1 on the nest (5)S1 in the rain (2)



One response to “Waiting for the rain”

  1. D Knight

    I had a lovely weekend in Rutland, enjoyed the Birdfair on Saturday, entertaining lecture, beautiful artwork and demos on cameras and digiscopes that I am so tempted to go and buy! Lovely watching the Ospreys on Sunday at the Lyndon site, also to see all the other birds on the edges of the water too.A carpet of white and blue in places. Weather being dry till 4pm each day made each day perfect. Thank you to all, see you next year!