Watch out…00 is about!

It feels like an age since the Manton Bay saga had us all gripped at the beginning of the season and after her visit last week, it would appear that 00(09) still has her eye on 5R’s nest. 00 has rarely been seen this week but she decided to pay us a visit this afternoon. She flew high over the nest and was quickly chased off by the resident male but he couldn’t have been very convincing. 00 soon returned to Manton Bay and even had the cheek to land on the nest next to the incubating female. 5R’s mate didn’t hesitate to give the young Osprey her marching orders and 00 left the pair in peace. Unless a young male returns in the next few days and is ready to breed, it looks as though 00 will become a regular visitor in Manton Bay. For the who’s who of Rutland Ospreys, click here. The video below shows 5R and his mate mantling as they defend their nest from 00(09).