Watching the world

It has been a fairly quiet day for our ospreys, they have spent a lot of time sitting around Manton Bay on various perches, conserving energy. Nest visits have been infrequent, but visitors have had amazing views of these gorgeous birds from the nature reserve. Wildlife watching from Waderscrape has been brilliant, and in addition to the ospreys, water vole, water rail, kingfishers and barn owls have been seen!

Kingfisher from Waderscrape (photo by Martin Lusty)

Kingfisher from Waderscrape (photo by Martin Lusty)

Water vole (photo by Matthew Blurton)

Water vole from Waderscrape (photo by Matthew Blurton)


In between bouts of inactivity, the juvenile ospreys have undertaken some exploratory flights, and the adults have taken flights to wash their feet and stretch their wings. There have also been fish deliveries and intruders!

Today’s first fish was a lovely large trout, which 33 delivered to the nest nice and early at 06:22. Contrary to past experience and expectations, it wasn’t 2AN who was on the nest to receive it, it was 2AM! So this time it was him who got the fish first.

33 with fish Fish 0622

Of course, 2AN was soon on the scene, looking incredibly interested in her brother’s prize. However, 2AM was being defensive and mantled over his fish, unwilling to give it up. He glanced over his shoulder nervously at 2AN, but she didn’t attempt to steal it from him, as she has in the past, she just waited her turn.

There was another intrusion today by two ospreys, very likely our unattached males again, hanging around together and seeing what’s what. 33 immediately mantled on the nest to defend his territory, and Maya soon flew in to join him in seeing off the interlopers.


Up in the visitor centre we miss out on several bits of the action that are all too easy to witness from the hides on the reserve, such as the juveniles learning to fly and land, intruders circling above, 33 fishing in the bay and the adults dragging their feet through the water to clean them. Sometimes though, we get lucky and catch a glimpse of these things occurring in the background of the nest camera views. Below is an example from this morning – as 2AN gets her share of the fish, we see Maya in the background, gracefully dragging her feet through the water, and scaring off a great crested grebe in the process!

Maya skimming water

One of the best ways of seeing ospreys at this time of year is, of course, down in Manton Bay on the Lyndon Reserve. However, there is another great way of seeing them – osprey cruises! We have six cruises left with availability, these are as follows (click the date for more information and to book):

Wednesday 26th July

Saturday 29th July

Wednesday 2nd August

Wednesday 9th August

Saturday 12th August

Saturday 26th August

So far, the views of ospreys from the cruises have been absolutely amazing! Unsurprisingly, tickets are selling incredibly fast. Click on a date above to buy yours now!

28(10) (JW)

28(10) from a cruise (JW)