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Don’t forget, on Saturday 31st May at 4:15pm we are hosting our first Osprey Cruise of the 2014 season! It promises to be a fantastic experience, as those who have been on these cruises previously can testify.

These memorable cruises are a wonderful way of seeing the reservoir from a different perspective, and the chance to see an Osprey fishing is an opportunity I for one would not want to pass up!

So why not join the Rutland Osprey team on our first cruise of the season! Book your place now to avoid disappointment! The cruises last for one and a half hours and cost £20 per adult and £12 per child. For this price, you will also receive a free pass into the Lyndon and Egleton Nature Reserves, either on the day of the cruise or the day after.

For more information on the cruises and to book your place, call 01572 770651 or click here.

Join us for our first Osprey cruise of 2014!

Join us for our first Osprey cruise of 2014!


Here is a photograph of 33(11) and Maya on a visit to the nest today, and a video of yet more nest building!

33(11) and Maya on one of their visits to the nest today

33(11) and Maya on one of their visits to the nest today


We believe that it is now too late for Maya to lay any more eggs this season, unfortunately. If the pair had been mating frequently and successfully over the three weeks since 33(11) was first accepted, then it might have been a different story. We can never know for sure. The pair are continuing to bond nicely though, and we have high hopes for next season!

All is not over, however, here in Manton Bay. There may not be chicks, but there are still Ospreys, and the Manton Bay pair will remain present in the Bay for the rest of the season. They will not abandon their nest, as they risk losing it if they leave it unattended. As we know from the numerous intrusions we have already had this season, this nest is very popular and will soon be taken over by other Ospreys should it be seen as available. The pair will stick around in order to defend their nest from the intruding Ospreys we are bound to see more of in the Bay!

Also, whilst we may not have Osprey chicks, we do have Kestrel chicks! The Kestrels have nested this year in the box viewable from the Lyndon Visitor Centre. In the absence of a nest camera, we were not sure how far along the Kestrels were. This morning we found out, as the chicks were sitting at the mouth of the box! We think they are about two or three weeks old. This nest box sits in a dead tree right in front of the Visitor Centre. The adult birds are seen daily flying to and from their nest, and when they sit at the open mouth, the chicks can now be seen too!

Three's a crowd!

Three’s a crowd! Photograph courtesy of Paul Stammers.




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    Wonderful…These little ones are so precious and look absolutely beautiful