Wendy Goes Aloft!

In addition to the deaprture of the Rutland Ospreys, one of our volunteers is off on a journey of her own.

Nature Reserve volunteer Wendy Halford will soon be setting off to join the Lord Nelson. The Lord Nelson is one of two Tall Ships built by the Jubilee Sailing Trust thirty years ago, designed to enable people of all physical abilities to sail the ship on as near equal terms as possible.


Wendy is a regular volunteer at the reserve and you may have met her as she greeted you to the reserve at either Lyndon or Egleton. She will join the ship in Sydney, Australia and sail as a buddy of another shipmate to Auckland, New Zealand. She will be taking this unique opportunity to do some fund raising for both the Jubilee Sailing Trust and Rutland Sailability by “Going Aloft” as she climbs to 100ft up the ship’s mast!

Find out more about Rutland Sailability and Wendy’s journey and how you can sponsor her by clicking here!