We’re back!

Whilst the ospreys have been at their wintering grounds in West Africa, the seasonal members of the project team have been keeping themselves busy.

Over the winter Michelle spent some time volunteering with the RSPB at Loch of Kinnordy in Scotland and then worked part time on the project, Lizzie spent the winter working for the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust at Donna Nook monitoring the seal colony and Paul has continued to keep the Monday work party volunteers busy with work on the Lyndon reserve.
Tim has been kept busy developing the Osprey Migration Foundation and working on the other projects at the reserve, such as water vole re-introduction.

It’s great to have the full team back together for another season.

Paul, Michelle & Lizzie on their first day back.

We had a fantastic trip to Gambia, saw loads of Ospreys, including 21 colour ringed birds, unfortunately none were from Rutland but we did see some familiar faces from previous years. It was also great to visit two of the schools which the Osprey Migration Foundation has been supporting. If you haven’t done so already click here to have a look at the posts about the trip.

If you’ve been keeping up to date with the website over the winter you will have seen that we have a concert coming up. On Saturday 23rd March Global Harmony will be performing A Musical Migration with songs from along the migration path of the osprey to celebrate the journey back from Africa to Rutland. Songs from Ghana, Senegal, France and UK – as well as many others and will be accompanied by narative from the Rutland Osprey Project

Since getting back we’ve been doing work on the reserve and around the centre as well as making sure the camera is set up ready for the (fingers crossed) arrival of the birds back in Manton Bay.
This video shows Tim cleaning the lens of the camera; the white bucket on the nest is there to prevent the Egyptian geese taking up residence before the ospreys get back.

Lyndon visitor centre will be open and welcoming visitors from Monday 18th March.

Over the next few weeks we’ll keep you up to speed with the latest goings on from Manton Bay and we’ll hopefully have osprey arrival news to report shortly!
In the meantime, don’t forget to order your copy of The Rutland Water Ospreys book.

One response to “We’re back!”

  1. Nick Gordon

    HAHA Tim, you’ll never make a window cleaner!!
    Seriously though, I’m so looking forward to whatever the season has in store, and will be avidly following your blog again – I wish you and all the team a successful season with healthy and successfully breeding Ospreys, and look forward to volunteering along with Shirley later in the year!! Can’t wait to visit and meet you all!!