What a day!

Phew! What a day. Having waited and waited…and waited for the first chick to hatch at the Manton Bay nest, two have suddenly come along within twelve hours of each other!It’s been fascinating to watch the older of the two chicks growing visibly stronger during the day – helped by a constant suppy of (five) fish from 5R. A full report will appear on the website tomorrow. In the meantime, keep watching the webcam – or even better, visit us and see it for real at Lyndon!

Sadly there is still no news of 08(97). More on that tomorrow too. Project Officer, Tim Mackrill, will be talking about the disappearance of 08 on the BBC Radio Leicester breakfast show at 7:25 tomorrow morning. Listen live on BBC iplayer.

One response to “What a day!”

  1. Melonie Pickering

    Couldn’t get on the internet due to our router having been rendered defunct thanks to a major power cut 1am and 7am this morning, imagine my frustration at not being able to get online…………and then when I did there was the 1st chick being fed…………….and as I sat watching a second hatched in front of me…………It really made up for missing the 1st chich hatch. What a day, as you say the 1st has grown stronger with every feed and I’m sure the 2nd will follow suit. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!