What a difference a day makes…

Today was a vast contrast to yesterday and as you can see from these pictures the Manton Bay female looks a lot more comfortable in the sunshine this afternoon than she did in the mist and rain first thing yesterday morning.

Misty Morning in Manton Bay 10th May

Manton Bay female enjoying the sunshine 11th May

And with the sunshine another Rutland fledged male Osprey arrived back this morning, 01(09). He returned for the first time on May 20th 2011, but like the other 2 young males who arrived recently he is unlikely to breed as a three year old this year. Hopefully though he will stay in Rutland over the summer and we will see more of him. For an updated Who’s who of Rutland Ospreys click here.

01(09) arrived back in Rutland on 11th May 2012