What a difference a year makes

Well, who would have thought it? May bank holiday and we have been bathed under glorious spring sunshine in Rutland for most of the day! It’s a stark contrast to just a few weeks ago when the birds arrived to unseasonably cold weather. It’s also very different to this time last year when 5R and his mate were subjected to day after day of wet and windy conditions. To prove the point take a look at the two videos below. The first was recorded earlier today when the female was snoozing in the sun, and the second is from 1st May last year; when she definitely wasn’t enjoying any form of sunshine! Let’s hope the fine and dry weather continues for the next few weeks!

There have been fewer intrusions by other Ospreys at the Manton Bay nest in recent days, but earlier this morning three year-old male 28(10) flew over the bay; the first time we’ve seen him for a few days.