What a wonderful world

Another gorgeous day! This weather is fantastic. Spring is undoubtedly here – lambs are frolicking, flowers are beginning to bloom, butterflies are starting to stir, and the Ospreys are providing hours of enjoyment for visitors to the Lyndon Centre and Nature Reserve! 

Maya and 33(11) on the nest

Maya and 33(11) on the nest this morning


Manton Bay has been a scene of idyllic bliss. Both Ospreys have been present in the bay all day, and have been flying about, sunbathing, nest building and eating fish. Nothing out of the ordinary, apart from the sunbathing. A fish was brought in early this morning before we opened, and we saw the birds with it on the camera when we switched it on at 8am. We were just in time to capture this footage of Maya flying to the T-perch with the fish.

Here are a couple of videos of 33 flying around behind the nest, quite obligingly in view of the camera!

In this next video, you can see 33 coming into the frame from the left, and then he stoops and dives into the water! You can just see a splash behind the nest. I thought he was fishing, but he flew into the nest a few seconds later with a stick he must have plucked from the water!

33 bringing in a stick

33 bringing in a stick


It’s fantastic to have the pair here in Manton Bay, doing what they should be doing! It’s like they’ve never been away. After last year’s drama, we are happy that things look like they’re going to be just fine this season (finger’s crossed). We know that Maya is a superb female, and that 33 is a strong and capable male. We all hoped that they would both return and breed this year, as looked likely considering the bond they formed last season. The sense of relief that they’re both back is enormous!

It’s usually a couple of weeks after the return of the birds until eggs are laid. These two have been back for a week now, so perhaps sometime next week…

33 on his well-built nest

33 on his well-built nest


2 responses to “What a wonderful world”

  1. Sheila FE

    Ooh, I can’t wait for the sound of tiny talons, particularly after all the comings and goings last year. What lovely photos we are lucky enough to see, too!

  2. Mike Simmonds

    Fingers crossed Kayleigh for a great season here and on the wider front at Rutland.