What an Opening Day!

The Lyndon Visitor Centre has opened today! We are now open 7 days a week, 9am-5pm, until the beginning of September. Could we have had a better opening day than this one………

Just one hour after we had opened the doors an osprey landed on the nest! The centre was buzzing with excitement as we waited for the bird to be identified. A few moments later John phoned to confirm it was the Manton Bay female.

Although she is unringed, John was able to identify her by her head markings and under-wing pattern.

She spent a while circling the bay in front of the centre, then flew off towards the dam. Later she returned to the nest with a massive trout.

Come along to the Lyndon Reserve and enjoy the great views of our newly arrived Osprey! You may also see other species, including Cetti’s Warbler at Shallow Water Hide, Water Rails at Waderscrape Hide, and numerous birds on the feeders in front of the Visitor Centre.

MB female

3 responses to “What an Opening Day!”

  1. lynda berry

    Fantastic news – can’t wait to get home.

  2. Karen Elizabeth

    How wonderful. She is a sight for sore eyes. Welcome home special lady 🙂

  3. Robert CHarlesworth

    So it’s started already! Roll on the next few weeks.