What goes around come around

After a very wet night at Manton Bay, the sun has at last started to shine again and the smell of wild garlic fills the air. The female Kestrel has been sitting out on the nest box perch, and Willow tit and Yellowhammer have been visiting the feeders.

First thing this morning the male decided it was time to start the spring cleaning and began re-arrange the sticks on the nest, this now seems to be a daily chore. Both the 33(11) and Maya are regular visitors to the nest and this is an encouraging sign as far as the bonding process is concerned. We now think it is too late for eggs to be laid this year but are hopeful the birds will remain in the bay.

The first intrusion of the day was about 12.30pm when an unidentified female landed on the nest perch. She attempted to land on the nest but was thwarted by Maya and 33(11).The video shows Maya and 33 mantling on the nest.

The second intruder arrived in the bay at about 2.15pm and was able to land on the nest as the Manton Bay pair were away. This bird was 30(10) a male who was born at the Manton Bay nest in 2010, he first returned to Rutland on 21st June 2012.

Maya returns to the nest to be harassed by 30(10) but all we can see is a pair of dangling talons above the nest.

The day seems to be ending as it started, but this time it is Maya who is housekeeping and the rain has started again…