When the rain falls

What a rainy day! As usual, the wonderful British weather is unpredictable and wild, and this summer is currently alternating between scorching hot sun and pouring rain. The past couple of days have been rather rainy ones! Due to this, there is not much recent osprey action to report, mostly because today the view on the screen has looked like this:

Rainy camera

The juveniles have looked a bit miserable today, but now that they are six weeks old they are able to regulate their own temperature and their lovely new feathers are fairly waterproof, therefore they are perfectly able to cope with the rain. They may not be happy about it though!

Wet chicks!

They have been fed well today, there was a fish this morning and 33 brought in another large one at 15:25.

Incoming fish

Yesterday saw a fish brought in at 06:48 which 2AM tucked into!

2AM eating fish

This drizzly weather doesn’t really inspire the juveniles to stretch their wings or flap very much, but 2AN did have a little go at flapping earlier.

2AN flapping

2AN is seven weeks old on Friday, and 2AM next Tuesday. Seven weeks old is the age ospreys generally fledge, therefore it won’t be long before this year’s brood take to the air!

Gorgeous 2AN





2 responses to “When the rain falls”

  1. Mike Simmonds

    Thank you Kayleigh. A nail biting time approaching as we await the first flights. Whilst it is amazing to witness I defy anyone not to hold their breath and hope and pray for a safe landing.

  2. Sheila Elliott

    Nearly fledging already? Oh my, where has the season gone! They are certainly fine looking youngsters