When the sun comes out again

Today must be the warmest it’s been so far this spring! It certainly felt like it – it’s been such a beautiful day. The sun took a while in coming, though, and we even had some rain earlier in the morning. However, around midday, the clouds cleared and the sun came out! It had some serious strength in it too, which feels wonderful, and makes the views around the reserve and the reservoir even more beautiful.

Sun came out

33 looking regal

The day began grey…

The sun came out!

…but the sun eventually came out!


Lots of nest scraping has occurred today, thankfully in the middle of the nest to help with the zooming in later! The pair have also been busy with sticks again, but they’ve had some trouble organising them to their liking! Maya kept us entertained for a good half hour trying to position a forked branch. Eventually she got it where she wanted, at least for now. There is still a spindly twig that is sticking up right in the middle of the nest, which both birds nibble at every so often, so are clearly not happy with it. We hope they manage to move it eventually.

Maya stick moving

Maya stick moving

33 scraping

33 scraping


Maya and 33 have been mating regularly, which of course is expected. They will mate several times each day, right up until the last egg is laid. Sometimes though, things don’t go to plan… occasionally Maya will deter 33’s advances (for instance, if she’s hungry), and at other times, he just doesn’t quite get it right… here is a funny video of a failed attempt at mating, where 33 ends up just sitting on Maya’s back!

Sitting on Maya

Sitting on Maya


This brought back a memory from 2014….

33 enjoying the elevated view

33 sitting on Maya, May 2014


They do make us laugh!



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  1. Poodlefang

    Funny! Maya is saying “what the heck are you doing”?