When you’re young

As Tim mentioned the other day, the three young Ospreys in Manton Bay are getting more courageous and exploratory in their flights, and are spending longer away from the bay. It’s great that they are travelling further and observing more of their natal area, as they will need to form a bond with Rutland and hopefully return here in two years’ time!

They are living a charmed existence at the moment – it is evident that all three are enjoying their freedom on the wing, and they have no stresses or pressures on them, as they know they can still return to the nest where Mum and Dad provide food. What a life!

In the videos below, you can see S2 and S3 waiting patiently for S1 to finish his share of a fish.

S1 eating, the other waiting patiently

S1 eating, the others waiting patiently


Sometimes the juveniles will sit on the nest and food-beg, as you can see S3 doing here. It looks as though Maya listens to the demands of her chick and flies off to go and catch her a fish! Or, perhaps she just got fed up of being nagged and went to sit somewhere else!

Maya flying off

Maya flying off


The juveniles’ new-found sense of adventure means that we could very well see them on one of our Osprey Cruises! We have certainly seen a lot of Ospreys on these so far, and they are also a great way of seeing Rutland Water from a different perspective.

We have six cruises running during August, some of which have sold out, others not so. They do sell out very quickly, though, so if you are interested in booking there is no time like the present!

Here is a list of afternoon cruises with availability – click each one to see more details and book:
Wed 5th August 16:30
Sat 8th August 15:45
Wed 12th August 16:30
Sat 29th August 15:45

Also, two places have become available on our previously sold out Dawn Osprey Cruise on 15th August!

Osprey with fish, photo by Bob Moore

Osprey with a fish, taken on an Osprey Cruise in 2015. Photo by Bob Moore

Sunrise over the Rutland Belle, photo by Matt Broadhead

Sunrise over the Rutland Belle, photo by Matt Broadhead


We have a special day planned on 4th August – Family Fun Day! If you love Ospreys, nature, games and being outdoors on a lovely sunny day (we hope), then this is perfect for you! Bring the whole family along for a day of fun! Click here for more details.