Where are my earplugs?

If you have been following the website over the past few days you will know that some of our Ospreys have already started their long journeys down to West Africa. However, on the Lyndon reserve we are very lucky to have all five still here. Myself, Liz and Field Officer John Wright were down in Shallow Water hide yesterday afternoon to catch what could be our final glimpses of the whole family. And boy what a racket!!! All five birds were in view from the hide and the three juveniles were constantly food begging – for four hours! The last few days before migration are crucial for the youngsters as they try to get as much food as possible to help them on their way. No wonder they were being so noisy. I don’t know how 5R managed to sit on the perch all afternoon, whilst being pestered by 52(11) who was sitting next to him and 32(11) and 22(11) from the nest.

At 3:30pm 5R finally gave in and quickly retrieved a fish. He took it straight to the nest and was eagerly greeted by 22. The male snatched the fish off his Dad and made sure his siblings knew it was his. Peace and quiet at last? Apparently not! As 22 was eating the fish – a large pike, the other juveniles started up again. The photo below (taken with my phone through the telescope!) shows 22 on the nest with the pike and 32 waiting hopefully.

We left the hide shortly before 5pm to the sound of incessent food begging. Hopefully the other two juveniles got a fish later. With good weather today there is a chance that one of the family will head south very soon and it will be a sad day when Manton Bay falls silent for another year.