Where is 3AW?

It’s been very quiet down on the Manton Bay nest, the ospreys in the bay have only been returning to the nest to defend it or for fish. 33(11) is still doing a fantastic job of fishing and is still bringing in fish at least twice a day. Down in the hide the ospreys can still be viewed, although they are quite inactive during the day, most likely caused by the heat.

Furthermore, It looks as though 3AW has made a move, she hasn’t been seen since enjoying a monster fish that 33(11) brought in early morning on the 19th. It’s easy to forget that as these chicks hatched so early, it has now been almost a month since they fledged. Therefore, even if it is early, it could be quite possible that 3AW has started her migration south; however, it is also possible she is enjoying her new freedom and investigating other nesting sites in the area. If the latter is true, she could show up on the nest in the next couple of days, ready for one of 33’s fish. Either way, it’s nice to see she is now independent, if she has started her migration it will be interesting to see if we get any sightings of her over the winter, so with a slightly heavy heart we wish her well and hope to see her back in Rutland in 2020!

Last picture of 3AW and 3AU together

AW enjoying her last fish on the nest.

As for 3AU, he looks like he is still quite content with 33(11) bring him his fish, today he has spent most of the afternoon food begging, he’s also been busy practising his landings and seems much more confident. How much longer will he stick around?

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  1. Mike S

    Thank you Anya. Good luck to 3AW and thank you for another informative blog.