Wherever I lay my sticks…

30(05) has been moving very slowly through France over the past few days, due to unfavourable weather conditions. On 27th March she only flew 17 miles. Yesterday, though, she managed 151 miles in a more north-easterly direction. The weather in France was slightly better yesterday, and it looks to improve further over the next few days, with the wind direction becoming more south-westerly. 30 could easily have crossed the channel today! We will hopefully find out soon!

5am 29th

In Manton Bay, early this morning we captured a video of what the ospreys get up to on the nest in the dark…

They have been doing this a lot, which is excellent news and Maya could very well produce egg number one within the next two or three days!

Also whilst the camera was recording in infra-red, we captured this great footage of 33 flying into the nest, where Maya was sitting. Just look at that glow from his eyes as he flies in!

Here’s a video of him flying into the nest in the daylight! You can see him coming low over the water before lifting up to land on the nest.

This time, 33 brought nothing with him to the nest, but he has been busy today bringing sticks and clumps of nest material, as we would expect!

Some of them were a bit awkward – he came in with this one and dropped it onto Maya’s back again!

33 big stick

Maya did her best to place 33’s gifts in suitable locations.

At about 16:10, 33 eventually stopped stick collecting and went off to catch a fish. We saw him fly past the Lyndon Centre on his way back to the nest with it! Instead of eating the head first, 33 delivered this fish, a perch, straight to Maya, who hopped off the T-perch onto the nest to graciously take it from him.

Fish - perch


2 responses to “Wherever I lay my sticks…”

  1. Cirrus

    So enjoyed the videos – busy busy busy – all’s right with the world.

  2. Cirrus

    So enjoyed the videos – busy busy busy – all’s right with the world
    . It’s been good to read abut 30(05) and understand the delay. I am, therefore, also hopeful for Odin who is ”late” this year.