Who is in the Bay?

Yesterday was a very uneventful day, very few visits to the nest by Maya or 33(11),and it was not till late afternoon that a small perch was brought into the nest, most of which was eaten by 33.
The video below shows some interesting behavior from 33 later yesterday afternoon.

First thing this morning 33 was sitting on the fallen tree and  was feeding on a large trout, but unfortunately before he could deliver it to the nest he was mobbed by crows and managed to drop the fish, so no meal for Maya. The morning continued with very little action until about 11.30 when Maya decided she had waited long enough and when fishing and caught for  herself. She flew to the nest to have her first decent meal for what seems like days.

Mantling behavior was seen on the nest by 33 , but who was the intruder, was it 28 back to reclaim his territory; unfortunately we were not able to identify the bird so 33 remains in control of Manton Bay?