Wild child

It’s been another beautiful day! All five Manton Bay ospreys have been active – even T6 left the nest and flew off for a while. She has been trying to walk around a bit more today, and although she is still clearly limping, her increased movement must mean it feels a bit better. Both Maya and 33 have caught fish today, Maya a roach and 33 a tench from right in front of Shallow Water hide! It is normal for females to begin to fish again when the chicks have fledged, this is the first time this season we have witnessed Maya fishing since March.

T6 T6 flies off

All the juveniles have fed today, T8 happily tucked into a large fish while T6 looked on, then when he had finished she ate the rest. We wondered if she would continue to struggle feeding herself with a bad leg, as usually ospreys will stand on one leg and hold onto the fish with the other. For the past few days, T6 has depended on Maya feeding her. Today though, she managed to hold the fish down with the leg that she was standing on (her left), leaving her injured right leg untroubled.

Maya busied herself with a bit of housework this afternoon, as some sticks had found their way into the middle of the nest and it looked rather untidy. This just won’t do! The ospreys continue to be proud of their nest right up until they leave at the end of the season. It often becomes untidy just before and after fledging, when the juveniles are jumping all over the place and accidentally knocking sticks off.




4 responses to “Wild child”

  1. Lesley dawson

    Thank you for such a detailed account especially on the progress of T6.have found all aspects of this little family fascinating.

  2. Andy

    You know, I’ve never found myself wishing to see an empty nest until T6 got injured. Got one this morning and it’s strangely reassuring!

    As ever, many many thanks for the splendid updates.

  3. Gillian Taylor

    What a relief to see that T6 is making a good recovery, especially after the tragedy at Dyfi Osprey Project. Like Andy, I rejoiced at the sight of an empty nest this morning!

  4. David

    Good to see that T6 adapted her eating technique to accomodate her tender foot.

    The landing skill of the adults is amazing! Maya stuck her landing right in front of that branch she wanted to move!