Will she, won’t she?

Her brother may have been on the wing for three days, but 9F is still sticking resolutely to the Manton Bay nest. Despite several bouts of wing flapping and jumping today, she’s still not made her first flight. As this video shows, though, it is surely only a matter of time before she flies – for the past half an hour she’s been perched right on the edge of the nest as if trying to pluck up the courage to take that all important leap of faith! Her head bobbing in the video certainly shows she’s interested in life beyond the nest. Keep watching the webcam to see how long it is before she takes to the air.

Meanwhile, there’s good news from Site B. After the dramas of earlier in the week all three chicks have been flying back and forth between the nest and their favourite perching spots today. If it wasn’t for the fact that 3F is still covered in mud, you’d never know there had been a problem!


One response to “Will she, won’t she?”

  1. Jennifer Mosley

    We are still waiting, on tenterhooks for her to fly, ah, but then, there will be no stopping her and the nest will often be empty – thats sad because we then have to think of them leaving the country and hope and pray they return next year. What a worry for us all……