Will you still feed me

Yesterday’s heat made fishing quite difficult for our male ospreys, but as we anticipated many of them waited until the temperature had cooled and went out later in the evening, and three were seen on last night’s osprey cruise!

The cruise left Whitwell at 19:00 and two ospreys were seen almost immediately, attempting to fish in the main basin. Later on, after a steady chug around the reservoir seeing the sights, another osprey flew past the boat, at very close quarters! The next five cruises are sold out, but there are several more in July and August. The next cruise with availability is on Wednesday 19th July at 18:00. Click here for more information.

Osprey viewed from a cruise

Osprey viewed from a cruise (JW)


Due to the heat, 33 went fishing quite late yesterday evening and brought in a nice big roach just before 9pm. This fish was eaten by all four ospreys, but there was still some left on the nest overnight!

This morning, we witnessed the chicks feeding themselves for the first time – another sign that they are maturing well. At five weeks old they should be ready and able to hold onto a fish whilst pulling morsels off to eat, without having to be fed by the female. Today both of the chicks were seen capably doing just that!

Chick eating fish

5. Chick eating

Of course, the chicks still allow themselves to be fed occasionally!

Fed by mum

It’s been so hot today there hasn’t been an awful lot of action. Having said that, though, 33 did bring in a big stick at 13:50! As is usual with 33 and sticks, he did struggle a bit with it! First of all he dropped it on the neck of one of the chicks, then he and Maya tried to position it together, eventually managing to put it somewhere suitable.

Stick trouble

Moving that stick must have made them rather hot, and that was the only real action that occurred on the nest today. Maya has spent most of the day sitting on the nest with her wings slightly away from her body, trying to keep cool, with the chicks attempting to huddle under her to find shade. 33 will probably leave fishing until later in the evening again.

Huddling in Maya's shade

Huddling in Maya’s shade

Hot chicks

Hot chicks


Last night was a hot one, too. We captured this image of one of the chicks sleeping with her wing splayed out – I wonder if this is akin to having one leg outside the covers!

One wing out




2 responses to “Will you still feed me”

  1. Pauline Ann Tomalin

    We were on the cruise last evening. Most enjoyable. We missed 33 fishing by minutes I would think. Pleased 33 caught a fish later. As I didn’t like to think the chicks were left unfed. The nest activities on camera are awesome. Thanks to all of you..

  2. Andy, London

    Maya was perched uncomfortably on the edge of the nest yesterday creating the perfectly-angled umbrella for the chicks. These ospreys know a thing or two, fantastic awareness and such care.