Willow below the oak

Today was the last Monday before the Lyndon Centre opens, and thus it was our last work party on the Lyndon Reserve. The team have done such a brilliant job over the winter, there wasn’t much work left to do! All that remained to complete was a delicate, intricate and very important job…

The job in question was to weave a willow fence in a semi-circle, to partly surround a new bench which is to be situated in the middle. We put willow screens around all of the benches on the reserve, in order to protect those sitting on them from the wind, and to create a picturesque structure around the bench. These screens are made from willow that has been coppiced on the Lyndon reserve, which makes good use of local materials, and demonstrates sustainable management. This particular bench is being positioned underneath a lovely large oak, with a beautiful view over the reservoir from beneath the benevolent boughs of the tree.

View from new bench site. Photo by Sarah Box.

View from new bench site. Photo by Sarah Box.


The task was only small, so just five volunteers joined us today to complete it. What a great job they did! Below are a series of photographs, taken by Sarah Box, showing the progress of the work from start to finish.


The positioning of the new bench and willow screen


Step one – the stakes


The materials


Making progress


What a lovely view to work to


Getting higher


Higher still


Almost finished!


Helen inspects the work


Jan tests an imaginary bench


A robin surveys the work


The team! From left to right: Sian, Helen, Jan, Sarah and Peter. Thank you very much all for your hard work!