Wind in your wings

The day began promisingly with some sunshine! During the morning the juveniles all had a go at exercising their wings, aided by the breeze, which seems to encourage them! Here is a video of T8.

33 delivered a large trout just before eight this morning, and it was lay half-eaten in the nest for most of the day. The chicks each had a nibble on it as it once or twice, then Maya came along and grabbed it for herself. As soon as she did she was immediately surrounded by all three juveniles, whose instincts told them that Mum was holding food and might feed them!

She didn’t feed any of them to begin with, and a couple lost interest quickly. T6 persevered though, and eventually Maya began to feed her. The chicks are all old enough to eat for themselves, but clearly are happy to be fed occasionally! It is easier for them, and the instinct is still in Maya to feed them. Last season she was even seen feeding them after they had fledged.

When T6 had had enough, she swapped places with T8, who had patiently waited his turn. When T6 moved he shuffled forward to sit by Maya and be fed.

When the youngsters are well fed they are calm and easy-going about the food in the nest, but if all three were hungry it might be a different story when fish are delivered! We’ve seen that, when they have fledged, they tend to become more boisterous with food, competing with each other for it and trying to be the first to grab it when it comes to the nest. Each young osprey has its own personality of course, and some may be bolder than others.

T8 again

T8 being fed