Winter bites back!

We still have three ospreys back in Rutland, 03(97), 00(09) and the Manton Bay female. It is unlikely that we will see any more birds return while the weather continues to stay like this. They are more likely to stay further south.

This picture shows the frosty view from the webcam first thing this morning.

The birds aren’t adverse to extreme weather, ospreys returning to nests in Finland, Norway and the Baltics will often face the tail end of winter once they return to the nest. And so we shouldn’t worry about them in these conditions.

This cold weather does however make fishing difficult as the fish move to the bottom of the water in search of warmth. We saw the Manton Bay female with the large trout she caught on Thursday afternoon, which if necessary could keep her sustained for a couple of days giving her plenty of time to catch another. At times like this the birds might go further afield to fish in smaller ponds which aren’t so deep.

Please note: The Lyndon Visitor Centre will remain closed for the rest of today, please do not attempt to drive down the hill to the centre.

The Musical Migration remains unaffected though and the show will go on as normal at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Oakham. There are still tickets available for the show and these can be purchased on the door.