Wistful Wednesday

As we watch over the four fluffy, almost feathery chicks in Maya and 33’s brood, it’s hard not to think back on how the season first started, when we were anxiously waiting for eggs to be laid, for our other pairs to arrive back and settle… It seems like a lifetime ago!

We’ve been in the limelight quiet a bit of late and have been working hard to spread the message of the project far and wide. At the start of the season, we had the Birdwatching magazine come and visit us when we were all still dithering in fleeces and gloves, waiting and watching for the osprey season to kick off. The fantastic crew came down to film on the reserve, around the hides, and get an idea of some of the other work we do here at the Osprey HQ Lyndon Visitor’s Centre. 

You can now check out the short film on our Facebook and Twitter pages, or click the link below!