Work parties begin with a splash!

The Ospreys may have gone, but work at the Osprey Project does not stop during the winter. Today was the first winter work party at Lyndon! Every Monday throughout the winter months, the Osprey volunteers get together, under the guidance of Project Officer, Paul Stammers, to carry out numerous practical tasks around Lyndon. This vital habitat management work is undertaken in order to keep the reserve at its best and maintain its wildlife interest, all through the winter and into next spring. Homemade soup is provided by Paul, and cakes are made specially by Jan Warren. Here is a photo of the Lyndon Centre all set out for lunch today.

work party

The Lyndon Centre set up for lunch (photo by Paul Stammers)

We were blessed with a beautiful morning for our first winter work party of 2015. We tackled a very important task, which was also a rather wet and muddy one! What we were doing was clearing out the vegetation from the scrape and channels in front of Waderscrape hide. The reeds (Great Reedmace, Typha latifolia) grow very tall and spread very fast, and, if not controlled, can choke the channels and take over the main scrape. If left to their own devices, the reeds would completely take over the entire area of water, eventually drying it out. This is the time of year to reduce its abundance, which means that today we donned our wellies, waders and waterproofs and splashed straight in, cutting back and pulling out the reeds to clear more space in the water.

IMG_0997 IMG_1012


At times, the reeds were taller than us!


Everybody mucked in and did an absolutely fantastic job – we almost got the whole area cleared out in one morning!

IMG_0313 (1)

Making great headway (photo by Sarah Proud)


What a difference! (Photo by Paul Stammers)

We all had great fun, even if we did end up rather dirty and wet at the end of the day! As if to prove the value of the work we’d carried out, not long after we had finished, a Water Vole and a Water Rail were spotted! Thank you very much to everyone who came along today, to Sarah and Paul for the photographs, and to Paul for the delicious soup!


Surveying our work (photo by Sarah Proud)

Surveying our work

Surveying our work (photo by Paul Stammers)


2 responses to “Work parties begin with a splash!”

  1. Sheila FE

    My goodness, that certainly was a job well done! Congratulations to you all, now time for a leisurely hot bath!!

  2. Starling

    Well done everyone, must have been very satisfying seeing the job done!