Working my way back

It was great news when our satellite-tagged osprey, 30(05), arrived home from her migration on Friday! This weekend, another of the World Osprey Week ospreys has made it home too! Belle is a four year-old female from Massachusetts. She winters in Brazil near the Madeira River at the southern edge of the Amazon rainforest.




Another North American osprey, Staddler, is currently in Florida on his way back to his breeding grounds in New Hampshire. Like Belle, he winters in Brazil.

Here is some information from Iain MacLeod on Staddler’s Caribbean crossing!

Staddler is in Florida. He has really turned on the turbos and made short work of his Caribbean crossing. He flew straight from Venezuela directly to Cuba. He left the Venezuelan coast at first light on March 31 and flew nonstop for a little over 600 miles, arriving on the southern coast of Cuba by 8am on April 1. He kept right on going and zipped through most of Cuba on April 1, finally taking a rest to roost and feed near a lake near the north coast of Cuba. He was off the next morning by 9am and by 5pm was in the Florida Keys and by 6pm was at the southern edge of the Everglades. That’s a straight line shot of 1,062 miles in three days.


It’s amazing to follow the journeys of these ospreys from all over the world. Read about the other ospreys we are following by clicking here!

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