World Migratory Bird Day

It’s World Migratory Bird Day today and we’ve had plenty of people come and visit us, and the Ospreys, at Lyndon. This afternoon we were decended on en-masse by a group of walkers who were keen to hear all about the Rutland Ospreys and their migration in Tim’s impromptu talk.

The three young males who have recently arrived back have been keeping themsleves out of any mischief, after 01(09) was seen intruding at both the Manton Bay nest and at Site B yesterday.

The arrival of our three year old birds matches that of Rothiemurchus’s journey back from Senegal, where our team of staff and volunteers saw him in January and who we have followed closely since. Rothiemurchus is currently in the Lake District and it will be interesting to see whether, after spending some time there last summer, he stays in Cumbria or continues on his migration back to Scotland. You can see more about his journey on Roy Dennis’s website. Below is the video of when we tracked him down.

So now that 2009’s birds are back we will wait and see which, out of the twelve 2010 Ospreys will be back next. As you’ll know if you’ve been following the website, we’ve had some exciting news from Northern Spain, where Adolfo Villaverde has seen 11(10) regularly around the Villaviciosa Estuary for the past week. The map below shows his location. But will he make it back first?

11(10)'s current location, Villaviciosa Estuary in Northern Spain