World Osprey Week 2015

Earlier this year we organised the first-ever World Osprey Week. This was an exciting opportunity for schools all around the world to follow the amazing migratory journeys of satellite-tagged Ospreys as they flew north to nests in Europe and North America. Over 100 schools from nine different countries followed nine satellite-tagged Ospreys on their spring migration to nests in the UK, Finland, Corsica and North America. In addition we provided free teaching resources that allowed teachers at both primary and secondary schools to incorporate Ospreys and their remarkable journeys into just about any subject. We also encouraged participating schools to get in touch with each other:  the week culminated with a Skype link up between students in the UK, Italy, Spain, Gambia and the United States. It was a great success.

Year 2 children at Provo Primary School during World Osprey Week

Year 2 children at Provo Primary School during World Osprey Week

Following the success of this year, WOW 2015 will be even bigger and better. We’re currently working on a new WOW website with a new and improved interactive map that will allow schools to easily keep track of the Ospreys as they migrate, and to check out the location of other participating schools. Thanks to the hard work of ex-teachers and Rutland Osprey Project volunteers Jackie and Pete Murray we’ll also have even more teaching resources available to download.

WOW 2015 will take place from 23-29 March next year, but you can sign up to get involved now. Registering for the website only a takes a few seconds and gives you instant and completely free access to the teaching resources. You then have the option to fill-in a simple form that will add your school to the list of WOW schools on the website; giving you the opportunity to get in touch with other participating schools.

One of the schools who got involve in WOW this year was Hurst Lodge School in Berkshire. They enjoyed it so much that music teacher Andrew Holdsworth wrote a song about Ospreys which the children have performed under the direction of Nicky Milburn. Check out their brilliant music video below. You’ll be humming it for the rest of the day! Many thanks to Andy McCoy for sending video and for his enthusiastic support of WOW.

The Osprey Song – performed by the Juniors at Hurst Lodge School from Andrew Holdsworth on Vimeo.

All schools who register for the WOW 2015 will be able to download the lyrics and an instrumental version of the song. A huge thank you to Hurst Lodge School for this.

Another school who really enjoyed participating in WOW this year was Provo Primary School in the Turks and Caicos Islands. As part of their involvement in WOW, students at the school helped to build a new Osprey nest on the island, which excitingly, is now being used by Ospreys! Check out the school’s blog to read more.

Next week we’ll have news of an exciting competition that will help your school get in the mood for WOW 2015 – and help us to promote it at the same time – so watch this space!