World Osprey Week 2016

Tomorrow, Monday 11th April, is the start of World Osprey Week. WOW is a celebration of all things Osprey and, in particular, a chance for schools to follow the amazing migratory journeys of satellite-tagged Ospreys and to make contact with other schools on the migratory flyways.

This year we’re following the progress of six different Ospreys – our own 30(05) from Rutland as well as three birds from Finland – Ilpo, Tero and Seija – and two from North America – Belle and Staddler. As most of you will know, 30 has already made it back to Rutland, but because the Easter school holidays fell when they did, we needed to hold WOW a little later than in previous years. You can read more about each of the WOW Ospreys here.


Our won 30(05) is one of this year’s WOW Ospreys

Like 30, the two American birds, Belle and Staddler, have also completed their spring migration. Both birds winter in State of Amazonas in Brazil, meaning that have to undertake an incredible migration through South America, across the Caribbean Sea and then up the east coast of North America to reach Massachusetts and New Hampshire respectively. Thanks to our animated WOW map, you can look back at their remarkable journeys and compare them to the birds in Europe. If you check out the map you’ll see that the Finnish birds still have a long way to migrate. Tero and Seija nest in Lapland in northern Finland, making them two of the most northerly breeding Ospreys anywhere in the world. During the course of the week we’ll be posting updates on their progress. The map automatically shows the latest locations of the birds, but you can use the controls at the bottom of the screen to change the dates. If you move the date back to 4th March and then press the green play button, you can watch the birds racing north!

You can watch an animation of the WOW Ospreys' spring migrations on our interactive map
Click here to view the interactive WOW map

In addition to the WOW map, we have a series of free online lesson plans that allow you to incorporate Ospreys into just about any subject, for any age group. To access them you simply need to register here.

You might also like to sign up and become one of our WOW Schools. This enables you to create a page for your school and to contact teachers at other schools who are studying Ospreys. This is helping to build a community of like-minded schools and teachers and, in the process, helping students to learn about other countries and cultures in a new and exciting way. There are currently schools from twelve different countries registered- and you can see the location of each of them on the interactive WOW map. To register your school, click here. It only takes a few minutes and is totally free!

We’ll be posting daily blogs during WOW – so check back tomorrow for the latest news! And don’t forget that you can watch the Manton Bay Ospreys via our webcam.

We are very grateful to Professor Pertti Saurola, the Osprey Foundationthe Finnish Museum of Natural HistoryIain MacLeod of the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center and Rob Bierregaard for their support of this year’s WOW.


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  1. Mandy shields

    Do my eyes deceive me or is their 3 eggs in the nest know as nothing has been posted on the home page

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      Yes there are three, a blog was posted on 11th April