World Osprey Week – Heikki is still going!

It is now a month since World Osprey Week, but one of the WOW Ospreys is still heading north. Heikki breeds in Lapland in northern Finland, making him one of the most northerly breeding Ospreys on the planet. After spending the winter in Mozambique, he set-off on the 10,000km flight north on 28th March. The latest data shows that he has almost reached Europe. On Wednesday this week he was stopping-over beside the Suez Canal in Egypt. Pertti Saurola has sent us the latest update. You can also check out Heikki’s latest location on the interactive WOW map. To read more about Ospreys in Finland, check out the website of the Finnish Museum of Natural History.

Heikki’s Migration 

15–17 April
Heikki continued his migration over the Nubian Desert between the Red Sea and the Nile, travelling 432 km, 236 km, and 223 km on each respective day.

18 April
Heikki continued his flight through the merciless desert on the Egyptian side of the border. Today, after flying 321 km, he found a place to settle down for the night 44 km south-southeast of the famed Aswan dam.

19 April
Heikki still did not visit the Nile, though his route took him as near as 20 kilometres from this massive river that must be full of fish. After flying 394 km during this day, Heikki settled down for the night north of Hurghada, right by the Red Sea.

20 April
During the morning, Heikki flew exactly parallel to the western coast of the Gulf of Suez, but inland, some 40 km from the shoreline.

21 April 2014
We never received the GPS fixes of the previous afternoon and evening, so we do not know where Heikki spent the night. The fix this morning at 06:00, local Egyptian time (04:00 GMT) came from 21 km to the northwest of the city of Suez. At that time, Heikki was on the ground, and probably still at his stopover place. By noon, Heikki had only flown 90 km, after which he stopped by the Suez Canal.

22–23 April 2014
Heikki has been fishing and resting by the Suez Canal, 40 km south of the city of Port Said, located at the entrance to the canal by the Mediterranean coast.

Heikki has reached northern Egypt on his long flight home to Lapland.

Heikki has reached northern Egypt on his long flight home to Lapland.

The culmination of World Osprey Week at Rutland Water was a four-way Skype video call between students in Rutland, Italy, the Basque Country and the United States; and a recording of the video call was later shown to students in The Gambia too. We’re very grateful to Xarles Cepeda from the Urdaibai Bird Center in the Basque Country who has now edited together a short film of the event. You can read more about it on the Urdaibai Bird Center website, by clicking here. Well done to everyone involved – including the children from Brooke Priory School in Oakham!

To read more about World Osprey Week and the Osprey Flyways Project, click here.