World Osprey Week update

The Manton Bay Ospreys may have been incubating eggs for more than a week, but elsewhere around the world Ospreys are still heading north on their spring migration.

Of the four Finnish Ospreys that we followed as part of World Osprey Week, only Helena has made it back to her nest site. Pertti Saurola reports that, having been there for more than a week, she seems to be growing tired of waiting for her mate, Ilpo, who is still some way from home, in northern Poland.  In recent days she has been on another nest, some 10 kilometres away. So there are sure to be fireworks when Ilpo finally returns! The latest data shows that the other Finnish birds, Tero and Seija are flying north through Russia and Poland respectively. To read more about the Finnish Ospreys, check out the website of the Finnish Museum of Natural History

Across the other side of the Atlantic, North Fork Bob is making slow progress as he heads back to Long Island – the latest data shows that he was in Pennsylvania earlier this week. His slow spring migration suggests that he is not interested in breeding this year. In contrast, Iain MacLeod from the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center reports that Donovan and his mate have eggs. She was sitting tight yesterday afternoon (in pouring rain) indicating that she has at least one egg. All of Donovan’s recent data shows that he is staying very close to home and finding plenty of fish along the Winnipesaukee River in Tilton. With a bit of luck he will have chicks at the end of May.

Donovan incubating at his nest in New Hampshire

Donovan incubating at his nest in New Hampshire

You can check out the latest locations of all of the World Osprey Week birds on our interactive map. Although WOW has now passed you can still register your school for the Osprey Flyways Project in order to make links with other schools who are studying Ospreys and to gain access to a huge range of free teaching resources. To sign-up click here.

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