Worth waiting for

What brilliant news today, when Maya finally laid the second egg! Last year, Maya laid the second egg two days after the first, which led us to believe she would lay this year’s egg number two yesterday. As such, we waited impatiently all day, eagerly watching the live screen each time Maya rose from incubation, but it was not to be. Today, we did the same thing, but this time, just after 4pm, she laid it! Here is the moment it happened!

33 has enjoyed his incubating again today! It’s great that he likes it so much and is so willing to do his share – more than his share – as it means the eggs get the best care possible, and Maya is able to have regular breaks to stretch her wings and preen, keeping herself in good condition. The pair swapped over regularly again today, as and when they felt like it.

33 caught another enormous fish today, again out of the reservoir. We saw him from Lyndon as he flew east, looking down into the water. He disappeared for about 20 minutes, then was spotted flying past the Lyndon Centre going the other way, back to the bay, carrying a huge trout. This caused much delight amongst visitors in the centre! He ate his share of the fish as usual then brought the rest to the nest. However, Maya didn’t seem at all interested, and did not get up. 33 looked a bit confused, and unsure what he should do. Eventually he flew off, leaving the fish on the nest with Maya.

33 with fish

Maya’s lack of interest in the fish gave us reason to believe she was concentrating on other things. We were proved right when, not long after, she began to get fidgety, and eventually, after a lot of shuffling, laid the second egg!

Two visible eggs

Just after she laid the second egg




4 responses to “Worth waiting for”

  1. Bill Hunt

    Two down one to go! The last 24 hours have been quite draining……checking the camera expectantly, even late into the night. It’s so exciting to be starting another season at Manton Bay. Hopefully we will see a third soon and then the wait for hatching. Loving it again. Thank you everyone on the team, you do a great job!

  2. Mike Simmonds

    Thank you Kayleigh. Many of us have been anxiously waiting as you clearly have. Great news.

  3. Bill Hunt

    Pleas is there any news of Mr Rutland? I’ve been hoping to find a blog that says he’s back but not found one.

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      03(97) has not yet returned.