WOW 2018- Day 3

Ken’s WOW Blog 

Well it’s Wednesday March 14th – Day 3 of World Osprey Week! And what a week it’s been so far! It was an early start for us today as were due at one of our flagship schools in Oakham – Brooke Priory!


Brooke Priory is probably the only school we have visited for each of the five World Osprey Weeks since we first started them in 2014. Today was a special assembly for them – we were treated to brilliant music by the school orchestra, then the school presented a cheque to a local charity which provides breakfasts for children and adults – and then it was our turn! We had prepared a brand new presentation, which as well as giving all the latest news about the Rutland Ospreys and Maya’s return, included a very important section about the dangers Ospreys (and other birds and mammals) face through waste plastics and other materials in the oceans. The students already have a group called ‘Planet Protectors’, and they were well tuned in to the message we were giving. Plastic drinking straws and other non-degradable packaging came in for particularly harsh treatment! Well done Brooke Priory! As the school orchestra played us out, there was a lot of really good discussion from the students about how we can help Ospreys and all other wildlife by taking a little care about our choices in shops!

A few minutes later and we are in the studios of Rutland Radio, and Jackie is whisked in front of the microphone where host Rob Persani quizzes her about WOW and the latest news about the returning Ospreys. Listen to Jackie this  Friday morning on 107.2 and 97.4 FM!

Time for a breather! Back at Lyndon, Maya is thrilling a small crowd gathered  in front of the screen – she looks very much at home on the nest, and is even bringing twigs in already!  Everyone hopes her mate 33(11) is not too far behind! The Centre is already a hive of activity – volunteers Andy and Anne Strang are sorting out a large donation of bird and other natural history books which we will sell during the season, with all profits going to the Osprey Project! Many thanks to Andy and Anne– and please do not hesitate to  donate any more of your unwanted natural history books to us!

After lunch we are off again – this time to Fernvale Primary School in Thurnby, near Leicester! This is a new school for us – we are anxious to spread the Osprey story more widely this year, including some more urban centres in towns and cities such as Leicester, Peterborough and Corby!

So if you are in any way connected with a school that hasn’t yet been ‘ospreyed’, please get in touch and we’ll be pleased to oblige!