WOW 2018- Day 4

Another WOW day, another WOW school, and more exciting WOW news! Midway through our assembly at Ketton Primary this morning, I feel my ‘phone give a little shimmy in my pocket! I need to look, but I can’t. Could it be that last night’s blue-ringed Osprey in the Bay was the one we’ve been hoping for? Have to wait……
Earlier this morning, we went in to a classroom, where Mr Starkey’s Year 5 were waiting. In about a month they are coming over to Manton Bay to see the Ospreys for themselves, so we are helping them plan their visit. A short video introduces them to the Lyndon Reserve, and answers most of their questions – but of course there are more at the end!  ‘Will it be muddy?’, ‘Can we buy things?’, ‘Will the Ospreys have babies by then?’ Yes, yes, and no.
Then it’s off to assembly for the whole school. We were here last year, and many of the children remember the main Osprey details. One girl even has a shot at the magic word ‘zygodactylic’ which she first heard twelve months ago. These local young people are really very ‘Osprey aware’, which is good news for the Ospreys and the environment in general. Many thanks to the staff of Ketton Primary for devoting teaching and learning time to the Rutland Osprey Story – we’re really looking forward to seeing some of you in April!
At last I can check my ‘phone – and it’s brilliant news! Male Osprey 33 has joined Maya at the nest! They are both back! What a start to the season!
We’re on the road again tomorrow – this time at Osprey School No. 1. Does anyone know where that is?