WOW – Day 2

Watching an Osprey diving to catch a fish has to be one of the most awe-inspiring wildlife spectacles, and there is no better place to do it at the moment than Horn Mill Trout Farm, where the specially-designed hide is offering wonderful opportunities for photographers. We reported yesterday that 33 is one of several birds that have been making regular trips, and Geoff Harries has kindly sent us these stunning photos of this master fisherman in action. You can even see the Osprey’s third eye lid in one of the photos. This helps protect the bird’s eyes when they hit the water during a dive.

Osprey 33 plucks fish from water web Osprey 33 flys off with fish web Osprey 33 with fish web Osprey 33 with fish close up web Osprey 33 third eye lid shot web

Ospreys are supremely well-adapted predators and as part of the teaching resources that are free to download for all schools who have registered for World Osprey Week, we have an adaptations worksheet that could form the basis of an exciting science or biology lesson. Just how are the Ospreys able to hold on to those slippery fish? There’s a sneak preview below, but to see a full list of the resources available for both primary and secondary schools, click here.

designed to be an osprey

Of course not all Ospreys have made it back to their nest sites yet. Pertti Saurola has kindly sent the latest update on the three Finnish birds that we are tracking. If you check out the WOW interactive map, you’ll see that they’ve all made good progress since the last update. Of particular note, Seija made a long crossing of the Mediterranean passing over the dangerous skies of Malta where illegal killing of migratory birds is still a major problem. Fortunately Seija made it safely across and is now in Albania. Ilpo and Tero meanwhile have reached Lithuania and Iraq respectively. For a more detailed description of the amazing migrations of the three birds, click here.

Finally, the project’s education team have been busy again today. This afternoon they gave a special WOW assembly at Leighfield Academy in Uppingham.

Education Officers Jackie and Ken with children at Leighfield Primary this afternoon

Education Officers Jackie and Ken with children at Leighfield Academy this afternoon