WOW – Day 3

Its been a beautiful spring day in Rutland today and the Manton Bay nest has been bathed in glorious sunshine for much of it. As we always hope during incubation, little of note happened at the nest for much of the day; the one exception being when 33 brought a large stick to the nest. Look how close he came to treading on the eggs…

Watch those eggs!

Watch those eggs!

Today is the third day of World Osprey Week This afternoon myself and the project’s education team visited Catmose College in Oakham where we linked up with students from Istituto Comprensivo 5 school in Grosseto, Italy and Tanji Lower Basic School in The Gambia via Skype. Despite one or two technical problems, it was exciting for the students to chat to each other, with Ospreys as the link. Each school gave a presentation and then asked each other questions.

SKype web

Toby Carter talking about the Rutland Ospreys to students in Italy and Gambia

One of the key aims of WOW is to link schools around the world through a shared study of Ospreys and if your school would like to get involved, you can sign-up here. Once registered you can create your own school page and be included on our interactive WOW map, which also shows the location of migrating Ospreys.  Each school page has the contact details of a teacher (which is only visible to other registered schools), allowing you to get in touch with each other – through email or, as we did today, via Skype. This is helping to create a community of like-minded schools who, we hope, will go on to enjoy long-term links. All as a result of Osprey migration!

You might also like to check out the competition for schools that we’re running as part of the Osprey Festival we’re organising in June.

The students from Catmose College gave a great presentation about Ospreys

The students from Catmose College gave a great presentation about Ospreys in Rutland