WOW – Day 5! Reaching Out From Rutland

Just after osprey 30 arrived back in Rutland following her 3500 mile migration something else was in the air in Rutland! On his Rutland Radio morning show, Rob Persani broadcast a report about yesterday’s international skype. This featured the English Martyrs School Osprey Ambassadors, Rachel, Finn, and Georgia and our skype link with schools in Italy, Spain and The Gambia!

Rachel, Finn, and Georgia were in action again with the Education Team for a full school assembly at English Martyrs School this morning when they gave their fellow pupils the latest news about the Rutland Ospreys.


Osprey Ambassadors Finn, Rachel and Georgia with Education Officer Jackie


Ken introducing the Ambassadors

Ken introducing the Ambassadors


We have also just had our first “Ospreys and Us” entry for our movie competition, so let’s have lots more osprey inspired movies in the coming weeks.

During World Osprey Week  the Education Team have now done presentations and activities with over 1100 school pupils  in 6 days… in (at least) four countries… and two continents ………W—O—W !


Schools – want to know more about WOW!

Be part of the WOW experience look at these sections of the Rutland Ospreys website



Information here  on the drop down menu about Osprey Ambassadors, Education Team visits to your school, school visits to Lyndon to see the ospreys, and this years ”Ospreys and us” 2017 movie competition.


World Osprey Week

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Thank you to Education Officer Pete Murray for writing this blog post and providing photos

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  1. David

    I think that your work with the kids is great!