WOW – Day Three!

WOW – Day 3 Flying High

As we visited Wittering Primary School today, we wondered if osprey 30 will pass close by at the end of its 3500mile migration from West Africa back to Rutland! This osprey has a satellite tracker so we know it was in central France two days ago so, should be here any time now.

Over 300 pupils were at our presentation at Wittering Primary school, some of which we met last year but with many ”new” faces in the audience. We had lots of enthusiastic participation in our question and answer sessions, and had a really attentive audience of all ages!

Our picture shows Ken and Jackie with some of the children, all members of their school council. Hopefully they will choose some Osprey Ambassadors and we can meet up with them at Osprey Club at the Lyndon Reserve in late April.

Wittering Primary School

Wittering Primary School


Last night Tim Mackrill and Ken Davies did a presentation to an invited audience at Heffers book shop in Cambridge. Their wide-ranging talk covered the history of ospreys, their conservation story including the re-introduction, and what we have learned about the osprey migration. The osprey publications were also on display, with four children’s books (click here for full list) and Tim’s book about the Rutland Ospreys.

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Don’t forget you can follow the progress of 30(05) on her migration north, plus the migrations of five other ospreys from Finland and America. Click here for the interactive map!



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  1. Cirrus

    Lovely to see those young eager faces soaking up Osprey info. Great idea to give a talk in a bookshop ! 10 out of 10 for that. I have Tim’s book – it was a delight to read it and it’s so good to re read various pages gleaning informataion I have forgotten whenever I wish.